September lesson share

In my ever-going quest to work on self and live my better life lol, here’s some stuff i’m working on – to (hopefully) inspire + remind that you too can do it <3

I put together this video, 2nd in a (audio) series, where i share what my art/sketchbook practice is teaching me – something about continuing to show up… listening to my voice gives me low-key dysphoria but nbd 🤪

Currently trying to:

  • Get back into a semi-regular sketchbook practice, not to “be a better” artist, but to make space to be. Capture thoughts, feelings, life
  • Use the supplies i already own instead of buying more random sh*t to work on new projects LOL
  • Let go of the idea that i gotta be producing all the time
  • Let go of the idea that the only way to engage with other creatives’ work is through buying their stuff, or consuming @ a gallery (what would an art exchange look like? where artists/creatives are asked to bring something they think is under a specific amt of $ and exchange with e/o? what generative conflict + dealing with own notions of worth etc might it bring?)
  • See all of my life as part of/informing my art (“Art is lived practice, place for imagining, sitting, observing, listening, integrating and creating” – Rupa Marya in “Creation for Liberation” podcast)
  • Collaborate with others, put actual effort into putting myself out there and trusting others to co-create with

Yeah hmm, i think that’s it for now.
Hasta pronto