Hola mundo, some intro things to get out of the way

Hey y’all,

Thank youu for signing up for this Patreon and for your interest in keeping up with my art life, even though you might not be sure that I even make art anymore 😅

In full transparency, i have gone through a few self-doubt sessions of “do I even get to do this?” to “why would anybody care about what i have to say?” and while i haven’t totally overcome those doubts, i wanna try this anyway, cause i’ve wanted to have a space for writing abt art and life and community for a long time.

I’m shifting from posting on IG into other platforms that I will hopefully have more control over, like here and mastodon. If you’d like to learn an (almost too-thorough 😅) zine about everything that’s gone into my decision to quit ig, you can check out this e-zine i made about it.  

Who are you again lol? First things first, I don’t do art professionally, but (I’d like to think) it’s more serious than a ‘hobby’. And this patreon is more so an opp for you to be a part of this journey with me and to ehrm… hold myself accountable cause now i’ll have an audience for my plans and dreams 😅 I don’t know how long i will keep this patreon going but this step feels right in this moment

How am i using Patreon? check out my about page! But also posting here:

I’ll be sharing some of my sketches, works in progress, collabs, community work, art thoughts/inspo/music playlists, and small offerings for you.

Beyond that, i’m actually using Patreon’s tiers as more of a tip jar. 95% of my content will actually be free. I’m mostly using this app so my content is easier to access or integrate into existing online habits – there’s a chance if you’re following me here, you’re already supporting other creators. I don’t have plans to create extra content that i wouldn’t already for free. Unless i’m inspired to, which will be sporadic and unplanned.

If you feel called to support me monthly, you will first and foremost have my immense gratitude and 100% assurance that you are the bomb dot com! (yes i am a 90s kid)

I plan to make a post here every month

That’s all for now!