getting used to blogging + photo experiments

After so many years on instagram and some on twitter, i have to say keeping up a blog is hard. i have ideas for posts but it takes legit work to sit down and type up something uff. I’m not sure how consistent i will post but this form, where i also own my own content, feels good for now

Anyway. I recently found an old laser lens i had. I had previously used it for taking macro shots using my iphone. i walked around my apt and took a few shots and the results are always bien cool, wanted to share some here.

Acrylic painting
dried acrylic on palette paper

it was a little difficult to get the right distance for the lens to focus just right. you can see some in this vid

that’s all i have. there’s some things i’ve been working on but still thinking thru how to engage on the blog side. ya veré 🌺