sound + visuals mini-experiment

Hi, it’s been a while. I told myself i’d try to make a blog post every month, regardless of viewership. There’s at least three drafts in my blog, and three other portfolio posts needing some photos and scans i have yet to take, ay. But for now, here’s a tiny update for the two, three people who look at my blog every now and then (yeah i see you in my stats lol)

Current feels on social media: figuring out how much personal stuff to share on public spaces. Or how to show up online in general. Been considering Patreon or going back to Substack but something about it feels off. Holding both truths that creating content sustainably is important while also everything being monetized and having a price wall sucks lmao. Also, I want to write as in/consistently as I am able to, I want to share when I feel called to, without any of it feeling like a job (while i can afford to that). I’ll figure something out, but it will likely not be open to the public

The art. Recently felt inspired by the full moon in capricorn to sit down long enough to work on this tiny experiment. My first attempt at putting my own sounds + art together 😀

Tiny capitalism sucks rant: I made this on my new-ish ipad, which i got after literal years of deliberation because (your daily reminder that) capitalism is so damn exploitative. I hate to admit it, but it’s been making my artistic process a little easier. I have mixed feels about it, cause I got it on a whim, and could have tried harder to look for a refurbished model I could afford (which unsurprisingly, you can only buy full price unlike newer models that you can buy on credit)… bleh. That being said, as someone with executive dysfunction, it’s been helpful. I was able to add several revisions to a commission (which you can see here) over the course of a couple days, that was otherwise taking me weeks to complete.

Stay safe, protecting one another, in righteous rabia <3

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