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  • DiscoCumbia Rebeldía

    DiscoCumbia Rebeldía

    Fake band poster for a recent show at a local gallery in Chicago, for fun 🧡 also got to print it with a cool local print shop, Latitude Chicago

  • Healing + Dance

    Healing + Dance

    Originally submitted to a local gallery’s publication, this autobiographical comic illustrates some thoughts/feelings around body + mind connection and movement facilitating healing, in the face of trauma India ink, 2021

  • Samir Vive

    Samir Vive

    This is a piece in memory of/honoring Samir Flores Soberanes, who was a Nahua human rights defender from the community of Amilcingo, and former member of “The People’s Front in Defence of the Land and Water for the states of Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala”. He was murdered by the mexican government for speaking out/standing up…

  • ‘Self-guided care’ zine

    ‘Self-guided care’ zine

    Zine made for a care package put together by Snack Time Chi in early spring 2021, which organizes care packages for BIPOC, with items donated from Chicago-based folks who sell food, art, health goodies based. For sale at my gumroad shop

  • Mijente commission

    Mijente commission

    These pieces were part of a two-part commission between 2016-2017 for Mijente– a Latinx-led progressive political organization

  • Past Zines + contributions

    Past Zines + contributions

    Cover and page from ‘Roquita Zine’, a collage of various illustrations, a comic or two, about my perspective and impressions of living in little rock, arkansas as a migrant. If you’d like to read it and support me, you can get a digital copy via my ko-fi shop! This were contributions to a zine for…