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  • Remaking a Lenormand deck, part 1

    Remaking a Lenormand deck, part 1

    A few months ago, i got a Lenormand deck for retail therapy’s sake, and to be honest too impulsively. The deck had these cute birds on the box, so I thought it was bird-themed. To my disappointment, it very much wasn’t LOL – the designs looked very European colonialism :skull as in dead emoji: For…

  • Xochipilli


    This piece is inspired by the ‘Xochipilli’ card of the Jade Oracle deck. Xochipilli is the god of flowers, dancing, feasting, painting, and game playing in Aztec mythology Text from their booklet: The statue of Xochipilli is covered with flowers from psychotropic plants. Associated with the “niños santos” hallucinogenic mushrooms, he is said to be…

  • Past Inktober Pieces – honoring QTBIPOC

    Past Inktober Pieces – honoring QTBIPOC

    These are inktober challenges i completed in 2017 & 2019, where i focused on portraits uplifting real life LGBTQ+ BIPOC Series based on a photography project “To Survive on this Shore” featuring & honoring older transgender people, when the lifespan of trans people, especially Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, continues to be fairly short.…