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  • Alegre Rebeldía

    Alegre Rebeldía

    Some digital sketches from past few months 🙂

  • Corazón sticker

    Corazón sticker

    Design i printed in sticker form, for exchange with other artists in Chi 🙂

  • Illustrating the Solidarity Economy

    Illustrating the Solidarity Economy

    Digital piece from Sept-Oct 2021, for @anticapitalismforartists ‘s participatory art cohort, which was part of a series of artist projects as “Creative Wildfire”, put together by @movementgeneration and other orgs.  Along with a group of other super talented and kind artists, i got to learn a little more about history of solidarity economy in the US & some co-ops…

  • Radical Transformation

    Radical Transformation

    Digital collage using procreate on phone

  • Past Comics

    Past Comics

    Comics made within the past 5-6 years Rotten at the Core brief comic comparing a rotten cauliflower to ‘reforming’ the prison system, and why prison reform isn’t enough – done in procreate, Nov 2020 Social Media Color pencil + digital handwitten text, 2018. On the need to create boundaries between self and social media news…