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  • DiscoCumbia Rebeldía

    DiscoCumbia Rebeldía

    Fake band poster for a recent show at a local gallery in Chicago, for fun 🧡 also got to print it with a cool local print shop, Latitude Chicago click on image to see full color version

  • ‘Jardinerx’ e-zine

    ‘Jardinerx’ e-zine

    An online zine, using hotglue to put together a click-and-scroll page. It illustrates part of Violeta Parra’s “La Jardinera”, with some animated gifs i created in Clip Studio June, July 2021

  • Past Portraits

    Past Portraits

    These paintings span from around 2013 to 2017, of Black, Indigenous, people of color.acrylics and watercolor on paper, canvas, and canvas boards