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  • Guided Comics-making

    Guided Comics-making

    Late last year, i started working through Lynda Barry’s “Making Comics”, and intending to pick it back up soon has me wanting to share some of my past work here 🙂 The book is adapted from an actual class she used to teach in person, which is informed by years of teaching art to little…

  • Healing + Dance

    Healing + Dance

    Originally submitted to a local gallery’s publication, this autobiographical comic illustrates some thoughts/feelings around body + mind connection and movement facilitating healing, in the face of trauma India ink, 2021

  • Past Inktober Pieces – honoring QTBIPOC

    Past Inktober Pieces – honoring QTBIPOC

    These are inktober challenges i completed in 2017 & 2019, where i focused on portraits uplifting real life LGBTQ+ BIPOC Series based on a photography project “To Survive on this Shore” featuring & honoring older transgender people, when the lifespan of trans people, especially Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, continues to be fairly short.…