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  • Palestina Libre

    Palestina Libre

    This is a re-do of an old scratchboard piece, illustrating a quote by Mahmoud Darwish , considered Palestine’s national poet. Quote reads “It is possible for prison walls to disappear. For the cell to become a distant land without frontiers” Landscape at the bottom is inspired by Palestinian landscape with olive trees

  • Commissions for ‘End Money Bail’ campaign

    Commissions for ‘End Money Bail’ campaign

    Last year, i got to be part of a group of artists making art for the ‘End Money Bail” campaign in Illinois to end money bail in the state. It is a coalition of multiple organizations, including SOUL (Southsiders Organizing for Unity and Liberation) After the law was passed on January of this year, it…

  • DiscoCumbia Rebeldía

    DiscoCumbia Rebeldía

    Fake band poster for a recent show at a local gallery in Chicago, for fun 🧡 also got to print it with a cool local print shop, Latitude Chicago

  • Moliendo Café

    Moliendo Café

    Inspired by Graciana Silva’s harp rendition of Moliendo Cafe. Graciana was an afromexican harpist who played specifically Son Jarocho. created in procreate

  • Alegre Rebeldía

    Alegre Rebeldía

    Some digital sketches from past few months 🙂

  • “Hermandad Trans” Commission

    “Hermandad Trans” Commission

    Digital Illustration comissioned by Intransitive Arkansas, trans-migrant-led organization based in Little Rock, Arkansas fighting for trans rights