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  • Commissions for ‘End Money Bail’ campaign

    Commissions for ‘End Money Bail’ campaign

    Last year, i got to be part of a group of artists making art for the ‘End Money Bail” campaign in Illinois to end money bail in the state. It is a coalition of multiple organizations, including SOUL (Southsiders Organizing for Unity and Liberation) After the law was passed on January of this year, it…

  • Alegre Rebeldía

    Alegre Rebeldía

    Some digital sketches from past few months 🙂

  • Corazón sticker

    Corazón sticker

    Design i printed in sticker form, for exchange with other artists in Chi 🙂

  • Illustrating the Solidarity Economy

    Illustrating the Solidarity Economy

    Digital piece from Sept-Oct 2021, for @anticapitalismforartists ‘s participatory art cohort, which was part of a series of artist projects as “Creative Wildfire”, put together by @movementgeneration and other orgs.  Along with a group of other super talented and kind artists, i got to learn a little more about history of solidarity economy in the US & some co-ops…

  • Radical Transformation

    Radical Transformation

    Digital collage using procreate on phone

  • Active Bringing Together

    Active Bringing Together

    This was a piece made with gouache on mixed media paper, and thread It is a commentary on how racial capitalism thrives on separating us from our selves, each other, the collective and the earth, and thus the active bringing together it requires, our responsibility to ourselves and one another