Tag: autobio

  • “Florecitx” Comic

    “Florecitx” Comic

    Procreate. On “waiting” and releasing the wait

  • Self-portrait, “30”

    Self-portrait, “30”

    Acrylics, embroidery thread, glitter. 21”x27”2021

  • Healing + Dance

    Healing + Dance

    Originally submitted to a local gallery’s publication, this autobiographical comic illustrates some thoughts/feelings around body + mind connection and movement facilitating healing, in the face of trauma India ink, 2021

  • ‘Jardinerx’ e-zine

    ‘Jardinerx’ e-zine

    An online zine, using hotglue to put together a click-and-scroll page. It illustrates part of Violeta Parra’s “La Jardinera”, with some animated gifs i created in Clip Studio June, July 2021

  • ‘Sanando’ zine

    ‘Sanando’ zine

    Zine about healing from abusive relationships, movement as healing, and contextualizing within transformative justice and abolition