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  • “Hermandad Trans” Commission

    “Hermandad Trans” Commission

    Digital Illustration comissioned by Intransitive Arkansas, trans-migrant-led organization based in Little Rock, Arkansas fighting for trans rights

  • Self-portrait, “30”

    Self-portrait, “30”

    Acrylics, embroidery thread, glitter. 21”x27”2021

  • Past Comics

    Past Comics

    Comics made within the past 5-6 years Rotten at the Core brief comic comparing a rotten cauliflower to ‘reforming’ the prison system, and why prison reform isn’t enough – done in procreate, Nov 2020 Social Media Color pencil + digital handwitten text, 2018. On the need to create boundaries between self and social media news…

  • Past Zines + contributions

    Past Zines + contributions

    Cover and page from ‘Roquita Zine’, a collage of various illustrations, a comic or two, about my perspective and impressions of living in little rock, arkansas as a migrant. If you’d like to read it and support me, you can get a digital copy via my ko-fi shop! This were contributions to a zine for…