Tag: animation

  • Moliendo Café

    Moliendo Café

    Inspired by Graciana Silva’s harp rendition of Moliendo Cafe. Graciana was an afromexican harpist who played specifically Son Jarocho. created in procreate

  • Abstract Animations

    Abstract Animations

    These are some animations i’ve done over the past couple years, abstract concepts + for fun. In Procreate and Clip Studio

  • sound + visuals mini-experiment

    sound + visuals mini-experiment

    Hi, it’s been a while. I told myself i’d try to make a blog post every month, regardless of viewership. There’s at least three drafts in my blog, and three other portfolio posts needing some photos and scans i have yet to take, ay. But for now, here’s a tiny update for the two, three…

  • Art Inspired by ‘Border and Rule’

    Art Inspired by ‘Border and Rule’

    The following pieces were inspired by Harsha Walia’s book ‘Border and Rule: Global Migration, Capitalism, and the Rise of Racist Nationalism’ (Haymarket Books link). As a migrant myself, it was at times a little difficult to digest, but really opened my eyes to the issue of migration within a global, capitalist context – beyond what…

  • ‘Jardinerx’ e-zine

    ‘Jardinerx’ e-zine

    An online zine, using hotglue to put together a click-and-scroll page. It illustrates part of Violeta Parra’s “La Jardinera”, with some animated gifs i created in Clip Studio June, July 2021