Tag: acrylics

  • Tierra y agua

    Tierra y agua

    abstract painting inspired by earthy and water elements and water privatization struggles

  • Free in Vogue

    Free in Vogue

    Acrylic paint, thread + glass beads, on canvas. 6″ width by 6″ height Originally created this to sell in a local art show, with all proceeds going to Taskforce Prevention & Community Service (instagram) sale pending

  • Remaking a Lenormand deck, part 1

    Remaking a Lenormand deck, part 1

    A few months ago, i got a Lenormand deck for retail therapy’s sake, and to be honest too impulsively. The deck had these cute birds on the box, so I thought it was bird-themed. To my disappointment, it very much wasn’t LOL – the designs looked very European colonialism :skull as in dead emoji: For…

  • Coyolxauhqui


    Acrylic paint, acrylic markers, felt, thread. Started Spring 2022, continued & finished Spring 2023 Read more about the piece

  • Helado


    Acrylic on canvas

  • Huitlacoche


    Acrylic paint, posca markers on cardboard honoring corn, through all its lifespan