Samir Vive

This is a piece in memory of/honoring Samir Flores Soberanes, who was a Nahua human rights defender from the community of Amilcingo, and former member of “The People’s Front in Defence of the Land and Water for the states of Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala”. He was murdered by the mexican government for speaking out/standing up against environmentally extractive/destructive project (‘Integral Project’) by the state back in 2019.

Text in Spanish reads: “To Samir, for his compañeras and compañeros, for the Native peoples grouped together in the National Indigenous Congress (*Congreso Nacional Indígena*, CNI) and for us Zapatistas, the life of the community is not something that happens only in the present. It is, above all, what will come.” The rest of the original quote reads (translated): “The life of the community is something that is constructed today, but for tomorrow. Life in the community is something that is inherited, then.”

This was meant for an online gallery titled ‘Samir Vive’, put together by Ahuehuete. while i did not finish this piece on time to make it, you can check out other wonderful art at