Remaking a Lenormand deck, part 1

A few months ago, i got a Lenormand deck for retail therapy’s sake, and to be honest too impulsively. The deck had these cute birds on the box, so I thought it was bird-themed. To my disappointment, it very much wasn’t LOL – the designs looked very European colonialism :skull as in dead emoji:

For this reason, i thought it would be cool to paint them white and then paint my own designs over them (cue the not-so subtle symbolism). so that’s what i’ve been super slowly doing for the last few months.

Here’s the cards i’ve done so far – i haven’t thought to photograph the before/original designs cause :shrugs: but i’m really enjoying working on them 🙂 there’s still more than half left so this is gonna take a minute

For most of these, i’m using acrylic white paint as the base, and posca markers for the colors, with acrylic paint + markers here and there. After i’m done with all of them, i’ll be using a matte coat. 

I like some and others not as much, but so far the practice of coming up with designs + color palette for a project that feels like something tangible has been pushing me and helpful

I’m currently on a hiatus for working on them as i’m going through some personal-life transitions – once i’m over this hump i’d like to design one every three weeks or so #partTimeArtistLife 🙂

Till next time,

Amor as Lucha