Online shifts

I recently announced on IG that I plan to slowly remove myself from it (to eventually delete my account) and i wanted to create something that explains some of my thinking and what’s led me to this decision

Part of me feels like i kinda overdid it 😅 but I’m also pretty proud of the end result ✨

Click on image for e-zine link:

Screenshot of first slide of zine, red text on a light pink background title says "Why I'm distancing from IG as an artist" with subtitle "And why you should consider distancing and/or leaving too", with author credits "An ex-zine by Amor as lucha (linked)"
Screenshot of first slide of zine

I coded this from scratch with a little style help from a codepen , and interested in exploring what more content rooted in these politics i can code in the future which might or might not be shared here

I also started a Patreon for long-form content, where most of the writing i post will be free – i’m not actually making patreon-only content on a scheduled basis unless i’m inspired to – and I will be using it as more of a tip jar and a different way to make my content more accessible. I have Patreon set up with this website so every time i post something, it will be posted here as well. To see what I’ve posted so far without the commitment of following me on Patreon, you can see the archive in this site

This ‘blog’ space will shift to more to an ‘updates’ space, where I will share what events me and/or my art are part of : ). I will continue to post completed pieces in my portfolio



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