Learning Air-dry Clay

Ive been playing around with air dry clay for the last couple of months. it’s opened up opportunity to explore my love for crafting + art. I’m very excited for the learning possibilities ahead 🙂

Some pieces i’ve tried so far…

these are all hand painted pins and magnets, with the smaller ones being kind of spontaneous designs

“Just No/Sólo No” is based on an old design from the time i made shrinky dink pins, referencing boundaries and consent. The flower pins are based on the cover of my “self-guided care” zine.

This was my first attempt at a non-pin/magnet. It’s inspired by mexican indigenous artesanías of moon and suns, but wanted to do a queer version here. It’s also a xmas ornament i submitted to a local contest (which was also bought 🧡).

You can see all the rough uneven parts hehe but i really like the color choice and want to recreate it for a second iteration of pins im currently working on

This is the first of slightly larger pieces i tried, specifically a crystal/trinket plate. i came up with the painted portions on the spot

With this one, i wanted to try gouache. Because of this, i cannot varnish the same way i do with the acrylic pieces, as brushing it on will reactivate the gouache and mix all the colors in an unwanted mess. I have to use a spray coating… which i have yet to do because it’s been too dang cold. The base is a little uneven and the shape of the moon a little too thick, but i liked how it came out overall

For this, i was mostly concentrating on sellable art i could try, which is informing other work i could do & valuable on its own. Moving forward though, i wanna push further, explore P’urhépecha and michoacán ceramics, and weirder clay pieces. Stay tuned ✨⚡️