Aprendiendo Series

I started this series as a way to learn to use Gouache a little more, having had basically 0 experience with it, and also use color better. I realized my color sense is still… a little rough heh.

I also wanted each piece to represent something i had learned in the past year or so. a way to keep track and to look back on 🧡

As I was working on this, and later exercises on bigger sizes, my lightbulb went off (on?). I realized that this exercise was not actually about trying to use gouache in a specific technique that was ‘legitimate’ and ‘good’. Moreso, finding the groove, approach, the space, where i felt freer to explore within the medium. Instead of forcing myself into it

Here’s my faves from this series:

Further disinvestment from imperialist racial capitalism especially thru the covid pandemic
reframing migration, when it’s something someone is forced to do, as a loss. As grief
choosing growth, love towards self, even when it gets tedious, even when it’s painful, even when you is all you got
questioning the normalization and uplifting of ‘resilience’ as struggling marginalized people, especially by people with more power and privilege
self comparison, self compassion. How can we possibly compare ourselves to someone else when we all lead different lives?

Thanks for reading! I’m not sure that i’ll make posts like this often (mostly will use my wordpress as my portfolio), but posting here over social media feels right at this moment