Portfolio Type: Illustration

  • Corazón sticker

    Corazón sticker

    Design i printed in sticker form, for exchange with other artists in Chi 🙂

  • Ch’upiri Jimbaŋi

    Ch’upiri Jimbaŋi

    This is a remake of a piece from 2019 for a 30 Days of Indigenous Art challenge This is my small way to honor and reclaim my P’urhrépecha ancestry. So many feels but getting to this point has come with lots of unlearning anti-indigenous sentiments that are a huge part of mexican culture/society (as well…

  • Illustrating the Solidarity Economy

    Illustrating the Solidarity Economy

    Digital piece from Sept-Oct 2021, for @anticapitalismforartists ‘s participatory art cohort, which was part of a series of artist projects as “Creative Wildfire”, put together by @movementgeneration and other orgs.  Along with a group of other super talented and kind artists, i got to learn a little more about history of solidarity economy in the US & some co-ops…

  • Art Inspired by ‘Border and Rule’

    Art Inspired by ‘Border and Rule’

    The following pieces were inspired by Harsha Walia’s book ‘Border and Rule: Global Migration, Capitalism, and the Rise of Racist Nationalism’ (Haymarket Books link). As a migrant myself, it was at times a little difficult to digest, but really opened my eyes to the issue of migration within a global, capitalist context – beyond what…

  • Radical Transformation

    Radical Transformation

    Digital collage using procreate on phone