For Music Lovers

Music has always been super important to me, to help me process emotions, feel the feels, even remember things. If music has a similar importance to you, here’s a small offering 🙂

Make a music playlist, dedicated to you based on the prompts below. Listen to it when you need to remind yourself you’re a badas, infinite, kind mofo, and you can totally handle the things life is throwing at you right now. Or, when you just want to do the dishes and love on yourself? But basically, a playlist for you, whether to listen to in posterity or just where you are this month

17 ways to pick songs:

  1. Pick a song you’d want to listen to while doing dishes
  2. Another one for when you’re cooking
  3. That one song that’s been on loop for at least a week
  4. A song that resembles changes you’ve been going through and makes you feel held, celebrated, seen
  5. A song in your language, if English is your second language, that expresses something a song in English won’t ever get right
  6. A couple songs that you wanna listen to on days that feel not-so-easy: One to help you feel the feels guilt-free, and another to help you move on, to help you think, ok what’s next?
  7. The song that either 1) makes you wanna dance like nobody’s watching 2) makes you wanna sing to the top of your lungs like your neighbors wouldn’t hear every word lol
  8. A song that makes you feel like you totally already are that cool person who accomplishes this one goal that’s really important right now
  9. A love song, for you
  10. A love song, for your kid self or a song you loved as a kid
  11. A love song, that reminds you of how gosh darn deserving you are and you won’t settle for less
  12. A song you’d be at least a little ashamed if other people know you like, but you know what, this is a judge-free zone, chale
  13. A song without words to listen to while you’re on walks, or any other times you need to clear your mind and just… be
  14. A song that reminds you of what you’ve already accomplished, for the days it’s harder to remember
  15. A song to listen to for days when you make mistakes, to remind yourself you’re human, to take it slow, and also compassionately hold yourself accountable
  16. A song that reminds you of the collective, of people power, and how you’re part of it too. Bonus points if the artist has history of working with grassroots groups ❤️
  17. A song that reminds you how infinite yet small you are and hey, it’s all good (disclaimer: i absolutely am an aquarius sun)

On you go <3