Compasssion + self-accountability

lately i haven’t been making as much art as i would like. i could say it’s an “art block”. but it’s actually mostly not having enough energy after a full time job while my mind still buzzes with ideas.

someone shared with me something along the lines of art + spirituality. Basically, that even in these moments, there are shifts and integrating and learning happening, and they’re all just as important.

i’ve been going through a healing, re-prioritizing, paying attention to my need to co-create with others. All this is impacting how i approach my creative practice – even though i don’t have a lot, in the present moment, to show up for it. and it’s ok

getting to a point where i don’t feel super guilty for not doing anything has taken a long time. I have simultaneously realized what stops me from doing so, and tackling the reasons at the root (at least what i can do by myself), instead of feeling bad about it has been super liberating

i’m trying to embrace being more laid back, putting less pressure, being more playful and seeing value in the art regardless of what it looks like. reminding myself expectations of perfectionism, guilt, continuous production are rooted in capitalism, white supremacy, uff.

this time, that took shape as procreate doodles on my phone using the “Guides/Symmetry” tool

these more playful, less stressful doodles have been a way of making space for my mind and spirit to rest and express without judgment. i wanted to come into it with the question, what if it doesn’t matter what i make looks like, but that i do it at all? trying to address the many reasons i’ve been taught to not make art one day at a time, and showing up to physicalize my ideas regardless, is how i’m learning to hold myself accountable with compassion and understanding.

collab with a loved one

This last one was build upon these doodles, and a lot more emotional/personal, brought up by some recent events and thoughts about healing through facing pain. it reminded me that creativity is a muscle that needs to be exercised. in the past, i would often get stuck not doing something, and then give myself a hard time for not coming up with better ideas, not being aware it was all a negative feedback loop

i end this post with some Qs for you – in what ways do you think there’s more space for you to be (self) forgiving/compassionate? in what ways for you to be more (self) accountable? how do you find the balance?

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