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  • Online shifts

    Online shifts

    I recently announced on IG that I plan to slowly remove myself from it (to eventually delete my account) and i wanted to create something that explains some of my thinking and what’s led me to this decision Part of me feels like i kinda overdid it 😅 but I’m also pretty proud of the…

  • Starting  “Making Comics” by Lynda Barry

    Starting “Making Comics” by Lynda Barry

    Late last year, i started working through Lynda Barry’s “Making Comics”, and intending to pick it back up soon has me wanting to share some of my past work here 🙂 The book is adapted from an actual class she used to teach in person, which is informed by years of teaching art to little…

  • sound + visuals mini-experiment

    sound + visuals mini-experiment

    Hi, it’s been a while. I told myself i’d try to make a blog post every month, regardless of viewership. There’s at least three drafts in my blog, and three other portfolio posts needing some photos and scans i have yet to take, ay. But for now, here’s a tiny update for the two, three…

  • Compasssion + self-accountability

    Compasssion + self-accountability

    trying to embrace being more laid back, putting less pressure, being more playful and seeing value in the art regardless of what it looks like.

  • Learning Air-dry Clay

    Learning Air-dry Clay

    Ive been playing around with air dry clay for the last couple of months. it’s opened up opportunity to explore my love for crafting + art.