Category: Painting

  • Art for Palestine

    Art for Palestine

    I’ve been working on some art and accessories for the past few months to sell at mutual aid markets for Palestine Have also been playing around with handmade accessories using…

  • Tierra y agua

    Tierra y agua

    abstract painting inspired by earthy and water elements and water privatization struggles

  • Mi propio centro/my own center

    Mi propio centro/my own center

    About self – being your own center and the multitudes the self shows up in but always rooted within first to radiate outwards Watercolor on watercolor paper, pva glue

  • Free in Vogue

    Free in Vogue

    Acrylic paint, thread + glass beads, on canvas. 6″ width by 6″ height Originally created this to sell in a local art show, with all proceeds going to Taskforce Prevention…

  • Coyolxauhqui


    Acrylic paint, acrylic markers, felt, thread. Started Spring 2022, continued & finished Spring 2023 Read more about the piece

  • Helado


    Acrylic on canvas