Category: Illustration

  • Art for Palestine

    Art for Palestine

    I’ve been working on some art and accessories for the past few months to sell at mutual aid markets for Palestine Have also been playing around with handmade accessories using…

  • Palestina Libre

    Palestina Libre

    This is a re-do of an old scratchboard piece, illustrating a quote by Mahmoud Darwish , considered Palestine’s national poet. Quote reads “It is possible for prison walls to disappear.…

  • Remaking a Lenormand deck, part 1

    Remaking a Lenormand deck, part 1

    A few months ago, i got a Lenormand deck for retail therapy’s sake, and to be honest too impulsively. The deck had these cute birds on the box, so I…

  • Commissions for ‘End Money Bail’ campaign

    Commissions for ‘End Money Bail’ campaign

    Last year, i got to be part of a group of artists making art for the ‘End Money Bail” campaign in Illinois to end money bail in the state. It…

  • DiscoCumbia Rebeldía

    DiscoCumbia Rebeldía

    Fake band poster for a recent show at a local gallery in Chicago, for fun 🧡 also got to print it with a cool local print shop, Latitude Chicago

  • Moliendo Café

    Moliendo Café

    Inspired by Graciana Silva’s harp rendition of Moliendo Cafe. Graciana was an afromexican harpist who played specifically Son Jarocho. created in procreate