Category: E-art

  • Online shifts

    Online shifts

    I recently announced on IG that I plan to slowly remove myself from it (to eventually delete my account) and i wanted to create something that explains some of my…

  • Abstract Animations

    Abstract Animations

    These are some animations i’ve done over the past couple years, abstract concepts + for fun. In Procreate and Clip Studio

  • ‘Jardinerx’ e-zine

    ‘Jardinerx’ e-zine

    An online zine, using hotglue to put together a click-and-scroll page. It illustrates part of Violeta Parra’s “La Jardinera”, with some animated gifs i created in Clip Studio June, July…

  • Transforming.js – Code Poetry

    Transforming.js – Code Poetry

    Code poetry i wrote about some transitions I was going through, using javascript vue framework as a basis. The code doesn’t actually do anything, but i’d love to make something…