Category: Experiments

  • sound + visuals mini-experiment

    sound + visuals mini-experiment

    Hi, it’s been a while. I told myself i’d try to make a blog post every month, regardless of viewership. There’s at least three drafts in my blog, and three other portfolio posts needing some photos and scans i have yet to take, ay. But for now, here’s a tiny update for the two, three…

  • Learning Air-dry Clay

    Learning Air-dry Clay

    Ive been playing around with air dry clay for the last couple of months. it’s opened up opportunity to explore my love for crafting + art.

  • Aprendiendo Series

    Aprendiendo Series

    I started this series as a way to learn to use Gouache a little more, having had basically 0 experience with it, and also use color better. I realized my color sense is still… a little rough heh. I also wanted each piece to represent something i had learned in the past year or so.…

  • getting used to blogging  + photo experiments

    getting used to blogging + photo experiments

    After so many years on instagram and some on twitter, i have to say keeping up a blog is hard. i have ideas for posts but it takes legit work to sit down and type up something uff. I’m not sure how consistent i will post but this form, where i also own my own…