• Compasssion + self-accountability

    trying to embrace being more laid back, putting less pressure, being more playful and seeing value in the art regardless of what it looks like.

  • what i’ve learned after making art for a while

    i’m sharing these because i think these intersections need to be expressed more, and for folks who may feel affirmed by them in any way.

  • Working Recipe for Art Beyond Capitalism

    this is a work in progress Ingredients You, me, us rooted in anticapitalist, black radical, abolitionist, decolonial, global south liberation. and yes even communist/marxist, socialist, anarchist knowledge desire to un/learn, contribute to turn things around open to different approaches Steps (in no specific order, iterative) Explore root of art making as paths of both self-expression…

  • For Music Lovers

    Music has always been super important to me, to help me process emotions, feel the feels, even remember things. If music has a similar importance to you, here’s a small offering 🙂 Make a music playlist, dedicated to you based on the prompts below. Listen to it when you need to remind yourself you’re a…